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I currently have my server setup as follows

  • A new linux user is created for every website
  • The websites root folder will be owned by this user and has 700 or 500
  • nginx runs as root:root so it can access these files
  • nginx passes PHP requests to a PHP-FPM pool for that specific website

Is there any way to not run nginx as root with this kind of setup, I don't know if it can cause any harm that it runs as root, but I'm not entirely comfortable with it.

Thanks, Xeross

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How about using ACLs?

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Hmm, I don't really want to patch my core for this and stuff, how big of a risk is there actually by running nginx as root ? – Not Available Aug 4 '10 at 8:18
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Decided to make the www-data group a member of all the groups that had www data.

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