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Assuming a completely reliable SQL Server infrastructure (i.e. SQL Server is not part of the question), what is the simplest and cheapest (i.e. minimum number of servers) method of making a fault-tolerant SharePoint 2010 Foundation installation? The goal is that if a server fails for any reason, the SharePoint infrastructure would not be compromised. So, I'm looking for server-level hardware fault tolerance.

Would it just be a matter of installing two identical servers and then somehow load-balancing the access to them? I'd like advice from a SharePoint guru on how to approach this.

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Read these two articles and let me know if you have more questions:

I also recommend MOSS 2007 Administrator's Companion by Bill English - it contains chapters on configuring network load balancing and implementing fault tolerance.

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Actually that 2010 document is really helpful and not too verbose. Thanks for the link. +1 – Tim Long Aug 6 '10 at 4:08

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