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I have an ESX 4.0 server which needs to be uninstalled. Does this basically equate to a format of the HD on the physical server? I have not found any command to do an uninstall or a repair (though I did see a repair is possible).


  1. Is an uninstall a format?
  2. Where is the repair command?
  3. If I have no partitions on the physical HD, so ESX and the VMs are installed on an unpartitioned HD, can I keep the VMs (the entire datastore) and somehow uninstall ESX completely?


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  1. Yes
  2. Repair? What do you mean by this? Are you talking about something like a windows Repair install?
  3. You could theoretcially just blow away the ext partitions manually and not the vmfs (type ... 88 or 89 if i remember corectly). Although really the best way would be to get them off via some sort of backup, or just a plan scp through the service console.
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