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I'm about to begin to colocate a server and I'm looking for lightweight server monitoring. From those of you with experience, what kind of monitoring should I look for? What do I want to avoid?

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Well, I used monit for a long time, it's really more of a "keep things online" deal, but it has a web interface as well. I didn't ever notice it taking up too many resources, and it's really configurable.

Otherwise Nagios is nice, but a bit more heavy-weight.

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You will want to ensure you host is up and your various services are running. It is also helpful to monitor that your service is accessible from outside the site. I have used Nagios, and it does the job well. It is rather complex to setup for a single server though.

For graphing status I have used MRTG, and an rrd plugin for Nagios. I just recently started using munin. The advantage of munin is you can configure warnings when you go outside a boundary on something you are monitoring. If required you can run munin over ssh.

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