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MySql server can display all the tables with MyISAM engines but cannot able to display the tables with INNODB engines, but if I can make the tables with INNODB engines it can still show that tables, but it is unable to show already made tables with INNODB engines?

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Look at your .err log, as it's most likely some type of table space corruption.

The location of the log file is specified via two methods. The first is at run time with --log-error=filename, which would often be specified in your init file. More commonly, it would be specified in your my.cnf with log-error. Ultimately if left unset, it defaults to the data directory as your hostname.err.

Search the filesystem for a file with the extension of .err. Chances are, you'll find the log.

find / -name '*.err'
locate .err | egrep '.err$'
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