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We have a Windows 2008 server that we want to move offsite to the cloud (we're using Rackspace). It has to talk to our Active Directory domain constantly, so we need a stable site-to-site VPN between it and our datacenter. Rackspace doesn't offer a virtual VPN device, and a quick search shows that Cisco-Windows VPN tunnels don't work well, if it all. We do have a Windows 2008 server in our datacenter that the offsite server could connect to.

What is the best way to get these two Windows 2008 servers to connect to each other?

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You should be able to use Routing and Remote Access (RRAS) on both servers to setup a VPN connection between the two. You can set the connections as "Persistent" and they will automatically connect the VPN at startup. I have tested this with a 2003 Server on Rackspace at one end and a Watchguard Firebox X20e on the other end, communicating over a PPTP VPN. It worked flawlessly. I was able to join the cloud server to the domain and communicate with no problem.

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A VPN may be unnecessary. If you promote the server to a Read-only Domain Controller, I think it will encrypt all communication automatically via kerberos.

Otherwise, add the role 'Network Policy and Access Services' and install the VPN service.

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