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I want to update mysql in my VPS from yum.

However I only got 5.0.9 mysql version

Which repository should I add to get mysql latest version. at least 5.1? (CentOS)

Thank you

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Download the latest Remi repository


Run the rpm install command

rpm -Uvh remi-release-5*.rpm

It's worth to note that as soon as you use a 3rd party repository to update some of you core packages, you won't be able to get any support for it, as the packagers of CentOS cannot test CentOS with all the different packages out there.

Read this page as well to learn about more 3rd repositories:

(I am using remi myself and I never had a problem, do not enable this repository and if you do so then use yum-priorities and set this repository with a lower priority than your centos repositories)

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Add the following lines in a file named remi.repo under /etc/yum.repos.d directory:

name=Les RPM de remi pour Enterprise Linux 5 - $basearch

name=Les RPM de remi en test pour Enterprise Linux $releasever - $basearch

Run the follow command:

yum --enablerepo remi update mysql
yum --disablerepo \* --enablerepo remi update mysql

To check if it was installed, do a:

rpm -q mysql
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