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I'm new to LDAP and I already configured accounts with LDAP so I can login on few computers with LDAP.

Now I would like to add some host names to LDAP. In /etc/nsswitch.conf I changed:

hosts:          files dns ldap

But I have no idea how to add anything to LDAP database so it could resolve some names. I tried google but I couldn't find anything helpful.

On example, how to add this:    node1
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I already figured it out with help of migrationtools (ubuntu package).

First, create file add_hosts.ldif:

dn: ou=Hosts,dc=example,dc=net
objectClass: organizationalUnit
ou: Hosts

Load it with:

ldapadd -D cn=admin,dc=example,dc=net -W -f add_hosts.ldif

Above steps should be done only once.

Then create file node1_host.ldif:

dn: cn=node1,ou=Hosts,dc=example,dc=net
objectClass: top
objectClass: ipHost
objectClass: device
cn: node1
cn: n1

I added second cn so it can resolve both node1 and n1. If you want to add another host, just create another file node2_host.ldif and load it into LDAP.

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