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Running a Greenplum single node edition db, and I'm having errors with gpfdist. Exact error message is:

ERROR: connection with gpfdist failed for gpfdist://localhost:8080/facts_days1-3_out.csv. effective url: error code = 111 (Connection refused) (url.c:258) (seg0 slice1 localhost:50001 pid=26618)

Does anyone have a recommendation for debugging this?

thanks, mcpeterson

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Ah, I ended up figuring this out. I had two problems not displayed in the code unfortunately. I apologize for not showing them.

One: I called the file with 'gpfdist//localhost... as opposed to 'gpfdist://localhost...

Which didn't register the file. Secondly, I think my gpfdist process had died without me knowing it. rerunning with: ./gpfdist -p 8081 -d mydirectory and calling the external table from 8081 remedied the problem.

Best, mcpeterson

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