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Possible Duplicate:
Tools a Windows administrator cannot live without

Hey all,

Just like the title suggests, I am looking for the utilities you use most when setting up a Windows Server 2008 box.

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Well, the Sysinternals suite of utilities are universally handy, but I find myself using ProcessExplorer and TCPView most often. Those two get a home on nearly every Windows system I build.

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Definitely agree with the recommendation for the Sysinternals suite. Process Explorer and Process Monitor are priceless, as are psexec and... well, really, it's all priceless. – Skyhawk Aug 5 '10 at 4:08

I generally don't put utilities onto a server. I do like Virtual CloneDrive, which allows you to mount an ISO file as if it were a CD-ROM drive. I also like FreeUndelete or Recuva. When needed, TeraCopy or RoboCopy are nice, too.

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