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Recently, I set the VM start with the ESXI at the "Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown" , and move up the VM at the "Startup Order" until the VM startup changed to Enabled.

Once ,the ESXI server was crashed with no power. Late, I Manual start the ESXI server . but when I login the ESXI with vsphere, I found the VM without startup .

The same situation,when after I set the VM startup . then I reboot the ESXI ,the VM is startup.

So, I want to have a way that save the VM startup configuration without reboot ESXI .

sorry , my english is very poor , please forgive !

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Hi bruce, welcome to This works different than most forums and I think you found out a bit yourself. Answers are meant as answers, not as posts in a thread. So you should remove your "answer" below. If the answer provided by Massimo works fine, then you should "accept" that answer: it will increase your answer acceptance percentage, and also gives Massimo some credits for posting a good answer. – Jeroen Wiert Pluimers Aug 10 '10 at 8:54

There is nothing to save, "Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown" is immediately applied as soon as you configure it, and doesn't need a server reboot in order to work.

The problem here is that your ESXi host didn't shut down properly, so it was unable to save its configuration; but, as long as the system is shut down or rebooted cleanly, you don't usally have to do anything at all in order to make your configuration changes permanent.


If you really want to force ESX to save its configuration, this should help:

/usr/sbin/esxcfg-boot -r

It's the command that gets executed at ESX shutdown/reboot to save the system configuration, so it should do what you're looking for.

But you're running ESXi, so you don't have access to the Service Console... it can be obtained (see here), but I don't know if that command even exists in ESXi.

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Thanks for your reply ,Massimo When i add new VM, I do not want to reboot ESXI, because I do not want to stop the vms previos on the ESXI. SO, I want a way to save configuration when the ESXI host didn't shut down properly. Thanks very much , I know it is difficult to resolve! – bruce Aug 5 '10 at 15:00

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