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I have had trouble getting the Linux Firefox GWT Developer Plugin working, so I figured I would just run Chrome in WinXP under VirtualBox and install the plugin there. However, I am having trouble with the connection.

Host: Mandriva Spring 2010.1 Guest: WinXP

Whether I have the guest configured with NAT or Bridged networking, I can ping my host from the guest using it's router-assigned IP number, which happens to be However, when I run the GWT application in Linux, it sets up a service on port 8888 that I can see from Linux as either or, but from the WinXP guest, it never loads any content from

Any idea why I can ping the host but not hit its Web service on port 8888?

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My first guess would be the WinXP firewall. If I remember correctly, non-standard ports are not open by default. You would have to either completely drop the firewall or specifically open port 8888.

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Turning off Windows Firewall did allow me to connect to the service at Oddly, however, the GWT Developer Plugin is failing to connect to the GWT server at – Paul Aug 7 '10 at 19:07

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