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I decided to play with Mutt, and after quitting discovered that it had moved all the mails from my IMAP server to a local mbox file. I would like to put those mails back in the IMAP server. Is there an easy way to do this?

There are a couple of things that I am worried about:

  • The mails are mostly in UTF-8 or ISO-2022-JP. I am worried a primitive tool that parses the mbox file will garble this up.
  • I have several folders under the main inbox folder in the IMAP server, which Mutt apparently did not see. I am worried that a tool that uploads the mbox file will smash the other folders.
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It turns out this is not quite as scary as I thought. I used the ImportExportTools ( extension for Mozilla Thunderbird to open the mbox file. Then I selected all the messages, right-click and selected Move To and the desired IMAP folder. Seems to work fine.

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Import to IMAP accounts isn't supported by ImportExportTools (see for details). – Karl Richter Mar 9 at 0:36

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