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is provisioning storage in VMAX difficult? I am not getting any sort of training from my manager .There's going to be requests fro the clients in provisioning storage to their hosts (cluster, stand alone) . I have gone through few doc but there's not much information there.I request guys here to help me with a proper link ,if not the explanation ,on how to provision storage from VMAX.

I know many people here would have worked on VMAX and allocated storage. Please guide me as i am in desperate need.

Any link related to that will be greatly appreciated.


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I hope this isn't too late, but provisioning storage is pretty easy on the VMAX. A quick guide can be found here. In short, you'll need to create:

  • A storage group that groups your devices
  • A port group that groups your directors and ports
  • An initiator group that contains your hosts and WWNs
  • And a masking view, which ties your three groups together
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