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How can I list available ADSI (Active Directory Service Interfaces) service providers?

On StackOverflow no one knows, so they advised me to ask here.

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What do you mean by list them? – Zoredache Aug 6 '10 at 20:52
think your question is self answering in this case, the list is the list as far as I can tell. – tony roth Aug 6 '10 at 20:52
@Zoredache I mean: How to get a list of available service providers on a server? (How to write a script that will do that?) – TN. Aug 6 '10 at 20:57
@tony The page contains a service providers that are implemented by Microsoft, but there can be more (e.g. 3rd party) service providers installed on a server. – TN. Aug 6 '10 at 20:59
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this works, googled "script list of adsi providers"

WScript.Echo( listProviders() );

function listProviders()
    var list = "ADSI Providers on this machine\n" );
    list    += "==============================\n" );

    var ads = GetObject( "ADs:" );

    var e = new Enumerator( ads );
    for( ; !e.atEnd(); e.moveNext() )
        var mem = e.item();
        list += mem.Name + "\n";    
    return( list );
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Look at KB-233023 How To Find All ADSI Providers on a System
There you can find c++ version to get the list.

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