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I was looking to bond two or three NICs together to increase throughput. Now, this should be straight forward if done computer to computer, but since there are 3 computers involved which require higher bandwidth, I was going to put them into a a HP Procurve 1400-24G switch.

Since I'm not sure how switches work, I wasn't sure whether being a gigabit switch it should be capable of switching 3gbit of data between 2 computers or whether there would be some feature that would limit the effective transfer between 2 computers to only 1gbit regardless of the bonding.

Can somebody please confirm? Thanks.

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If you are only connecting two computers bonding may not be very useful. Many bonding implementations hash by IP. Meaning that between two computers you will only get the throughput of a single connection. – Zoredache Aug 7 '10 at 21:53
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OK. It looks like this switch doesn't support link aggregation so only way of bonding is to use round robin, which I suspect will not work very well. Looks like I need a new switch...

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