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I am having a video streaming website. Which is using Open Source Streaming Server Red5. Is it possible some how to redirect the traffic for rtmp via Apache to the said Red5 server.

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You could reference all of your videos as if they were in a directory as follows:

<a href="rtmp://">

Then use Apache's reverse proxy feature to forward requests for anything in the media folder to the Red5 server.

ProxyPass /media
ProxyPassReverse /media

A request for rtmp:// would proxy through Apache to your internal server as

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You can use mod proxy utility of Apache for this.Follow these steps to do so :

1.Open httpd.conf file located in the conf directory of the web server.

2.Edit the file by uncommenting them :

 LoadModule proxy_module modules/
 LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
 LoadModule proxy_http_module modules/

3.Add the following lines in the file-

 RewriteEngine On 
 RewriteRule ^/((open|send|idle|close|fcs)/.*)$$1 [P,L] 

Save the file and restart the service.You can test these changes by this URL - It should display "Bad Request.Only RTMPT supported."

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