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I'm looking so migrate some websites to a new server. I have SSH access to the current one but only FTP access to the new one.

How can I via Centos and SSH copy entire folders to the new server via FTP?

I can log into the new server via the built in FTP client on Centos but I'm not sure of the commands after this. I need to move the httpdocs folder from the old to the public_html folder of the new server.

I'd love to do this server to server as it'll be a lot quicker than download -> upload via my broadband connection.


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If you can install lftp on the server you have SSH to, try its mirror command:

mirror -R /path/to/httpdocs /path/to/public_html_on_destination_machine
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Very cool thanks, seems to work and for all the Googling in the world I couldn't find that! – Chris Southam Aug 8 '10 at 14:47

ncftp works well too with get -R

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Tar/gzip the files and send them that way - you will benefit from compression that you wouldn't have otherwise had, and you may find it easier to preserve permissions.

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