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Okay, I'm on CentOS 5.3 and I'm running an nginx/php/mysql server stack with FastCGI. One of my Twitter apps requires PHP to connect to the Twitter API, which uses OAuth. So I installed the OAuth module with PECL and confirmed that was compiled in /usr/lib/php/modules and was added in PHP.ini. However, when I try to access the PHP file I get a fatal error, the OAuth class is not found. So I checked phpinfo() and the PHP.ini file hasn't been reloaded apparently.

So, how do I force PHP with FastCGI to update its configuration without restarting the server?

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Php rereads its configuration on every request. You can check it by changing any var in php .ini ( like max mem ) and then see update in phpinfo.

can use your module in list of lodaded .so files in phpinfo?

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I found the problem, it was loading the .ini file but for some reason the was failing silently because it was missing a dependency. It installed fine however, which was weird. Anyway, the solution was installing the curl-devel package. – Chris Aug 10 '10 at 0:27

How do you invoke PHP? If you're by chance are using PHP-FPM, you might need to stop and start it again (at least this applied to older versions, not sure if this is still the case).

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I found the solution was installing the curl-devel package... The module was failing to load (silently...).

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