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I need to replace an IIS FTP server that uses AD accounts for consultants to transfer files to an organization. I would like to slowly migrate away from these AD accounts for security reasons.

Whats a good FTPd for Windows that supports:

  1. Existing AD credentials (Including user@domain, domain\user forms)
  2. As functional as IIS's ftpd (thats not saying much)
  3. SCP/SFTP/FTP/HTTPS for FIle Transafers.
  4. Perhaps a simple web interface (not critical).
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In regard to point 3, it's either an FTP server or it isn't. You've listed protocols, most notably HTTPS, which are unrelated to FTP. – John Gardeniers Aug 8 '10 at 23:40

I'm not sure what 'security reasons' you're referencing that wouldn't be present in another Windows solution (that presumably would still rely on Windows security). However, FreeNAS allows for just about every file transfer method imaginable and has an easy-to-configure active directory authentication connector. We've had very good luck integrating FreeNAS boxes into our AD domain and it's easy to get up and running in only a few minutes with the web management interface.

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I am also looking for a FTP server software and stumbled over CrushFTP 5 ( today. I havn´t tested it yet but it seams like it will fullfill you needs.

If someone have any experience of CrushFTP then I am listening...

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