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when i try to start easyphp i get this error message: apache cannot be runned, another web server use the web port or port is blocked by firewall. though, apache is running but mysql isn't. i can browse web server by typing http://localhost but cannot use database functions. i had never had such a problem until i installed and uninstalled an internet security software a few days ago. i've checked windows firewall settings and they seem to be all correct. what do you think is the problem with mysql configuration? thanks.

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As EasyPHP FAQ #45 suggests, there is another process that is using port 80. The evidence is that you can browse http://localhost.

I guess you have a previously apache installation, find it and stop apache.

Maybe this can help you: (from command prompt) netstat -naobp tcp

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no, apache works ok but mysql was the problem. i had never installed apache on this computer before easyphp. i think problem is that while apache works ok but mysql doesn't, easyphp still prompts a message regarding an apache fault which in fact is not existent. thanks by the way. –  Turan Aug 10 '10 at 15:53

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