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Is there any software out there which will allow a disk drive to be tested, which boots via PXE?

I have a fully functional PXE environment which allows memtesting, installation, and drive nuking - but to test a disk I have to boot into an NFS-root system, and run badblocks/fsck. Neither of those solutions are terribly good.

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What is wrong with badblocks?

If you are up for purchasing a site-license for it there are a few articles out there where people have netbooted spinrite. It boots fine via memdisk.

Most manufacture HD diagnostic tools can also be booted via memdisk. Download from seagate/wd/whatever.

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Nothing is horribly wrong with badblocks, but specifically netbooting a tester would be useful given my automated environment. As for device-specific testing that is a great idea, but I do have a few hundred servers with various drives - so even if the testing isn't 100% it would be nicer to avoid that route. – Steve Kemp Aug 10 '10 at 22:12

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