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So I’d created a PST at the location c:\pstfiles\user.pst to test importing PSTs into Exchange 2010 via PowerShell.

I’d already installed 64bit outlook on the server, and added import export roles to the account I was using.

I was then using the command ‘Import-Mailbox –Identity [Username] –PSTFolderPath c:\pstfiles\user.pst’ to import this pst file into [username]’s mailbox.

And hit the following error:

Error was found for XXX because: Error occurred in the step: Approving object. An unknown error has occurred., error code: -2147221219 + CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (0:Int32) [Import-Mailbox], RecipientTaskException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CFFD629B,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.RecipientTasks.ImportMailbox

I'm struggling to find information on what this means, please help!

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You need to give the Exchange Trusted Subsystem read/write access to the folder that contains the PST. Try again after adding this to your ACL on the pstfiles folder.

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Try changing -identity [username] to -identity [display name / email address / exchange alias]
Edit Just noticed there is a ' at the end of your command is this a typo or was it intentional?

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So I had to postpone the project but I am now back on it with the help of the following website:… Even with this information it's still a bit of a pig. It would be great to hear if anyone else is having problems/ has succeeded. – user50729 Sep 7 '10 at 16:55

You could try running fixmapi at the command prompt. That's fixed this error in the past.

Also, Exchange 2010 SP1 is still in Beta. It is possible this is a bug as SP1 isn't ready for production yet. EDIT

Since that didn't work, try this:

get-mailbox | Add-mailboxpermission -User Administrator -AccessRights FullAccess

Looks like it might be a permissions issue

Also try running powershell as administrator

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Thanks for your answer Jason, I have tried this today but I still get the same message. I have read some articles on importing PSTs into 2010, hence getting as far as I have got, but I’m lost now. Has anyone here succeeded? – user50729 Aug 12 '10 at 13:21

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