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We currently have a website that uses .htaccess to control access to some pages. We also have vBulletin running which uses a different set of credentials. What is the best way to tie these two together so they can use the same user name and password?

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I wrote a vBulletin mod to take care of this. It updates a password file used by .htaccess. See

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Besides duplicating data, this sounds like it has the potential for danger. – Dan Carley Jun 12 '09 at 15:30
Well, for us, the data was already duplicated. At least now the duplicated data is the same. As far as danger goes, there is the possibility. The first version did have a security hole. I've made it as safe as I can though. – JonDrnek Jun 15 '09 at 12:26

I don't know whether the project is still active or whether the format that vBulletin hashes it's passwords will be suitable, but I have used a third-party Apache module under the name of "mod-auth-mysql" in the past, to integrate forum accounts with other web applications.

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A possible solution is to use an LDAP. There are some vBulletin plugins that allow basic LDAP integration. Apache can also be configured to authenticate via an LDAP

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