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I have recently taken over SysAdmin duties for a SMB. They have an Exchange 2007 server in-house. Their website is hosted off-site. When trying to figure out a configuration error, I noticed that auto-discovery was not working remotely. DNS is through GoDaddy. WWW points to hosted server for website. _autodiscover, mail and the like are pointed to in-house Exchange server. All mail flows correctly. When doing an Outlook Test E-Mail AutoConfiguration, it fails. Unable to find for user abc. Is there a way to copy the Autodiscover directory to the hosted server path and have that work?

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Oh no, don't do that.

You don't need to anyway. Outlook tries to find the autodiscover at both of these URLS in turn:


So providing the second one works all will be well.

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You should now either disable port 443 on your public web server (unlikely..), or change the A record for "" to your Exchange box public IP. This is because the first url outlook tries is


  1. Add an A record for "" to your Exchange box public IP.

  2. Obtain and install an SSL certifcate for CN or SAN for

  3. Ensure shows some xml after logging in, and pressing F5 shows a new time stamp each time you refresh the page.

  4. Check the URLs for autodiscover using these Exchange Shall commandlets:- Get-OABVirtualDirectory Get-ClientAccessServer Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory Get-PowerShellVirtualDirectory Get-ECPVirtualDirectory Get-OWAVirtualDirectory Get-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory Get-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory

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