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We've got an existing Mercurial server running under Windows 2008/IIS that is using Active Directory for authentication.

We have three existing users that have no problems at all with Mercurial. Clone/push/pull all work just fine.

I was trying to get another domain user set up with Mercurial this morning, and he can clone and pull, but push results with an 'authorization failed' message. I have confirmed and re-confirmed his domain user name and password are correct.

Is there any special user permission/role I need to assign to Mercurial users? My MercurialRepositories path on the server has 'Full Control' for all domain users, so that shouldn't be the problem.

Is there a list of configuration locations I should check?

I don't have allow_push = * set up in my server's configuration, but I haven't needed this before.

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It started working after I included a list of explicit users in the server's hgrc file.

allow_push = jdoe, jsmith

I still am perplexed why it was working without an allow_push setting previously.

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It is indeed strange that it worked before, without a allow_push setting. Mercurial compares the authenticated user with this list and wont allow anybody to push by default, like I wrote about here. – Martin Geisler Dec 23 '11 at 10:32

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