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I am looking for some decent intranet portal software for my 50+ person company. It should provide at least the following functionality: company news, employee directory, photo albums, and hosting of documents.

Does anyone know of anything, open source or commercial?


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The only portal software I've used is Liferay ( ). It has all the features you want and more, so it may be overkill for what you want to use it for.


Windows Sharepoint Services, Sharepoint Foundation 2010, or Sharepoint Server come to mind.


Couple of PHP-based solutions: Joomla, Drupal

Python/Zope based solution: Plone


Claromentis is great but might be way too large for your needs.. also it is commercial although it has an open source API


Knowledge Tree (os), TWiki (and all the other os wiki's), Google Sites?, Confluence ($), Alfresco (os & $). SharePoint is probably a safe choice if you use Windows on your servers and desktops.


You can try OpenAtrium ( It is a Drupal distribution for dealing with intranets.

Its default settings are really beautiful, but you will have to fiddle a bit in order to have photo albums (but document sharing is available default)


Precurio (as at version 2) had a community edition that was quite okay. Even though it is commercial now, you can still download the version 2 from SourceForge.


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