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I have a shell script that mounts several samba shares one after the other. I want my users to have to enter in their password only once. I can pass in a password using the following,

mount -v -t smbfs -o nodev,nosuid //$user:$ /Volumes/share

This doesn't work when there are weird characters such as '^' or '.' in the password.

Any ideas?

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Why not using @$host – Prix Aug 13 '10 at 23:52

You can either use the user and password options for the mount.cifs command (see man page mount.cifs(8)) like mount -o ...,user="foo",password="bar" // or you use the credentials option to provide the path to a file containing the user credentials (also see mount.cifs(8)).

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You have to URL encode the special characters (weird characters) on a Mac, because "mount_smbfs: -o user: option not supported". So, in your example, '^' = %5E

URL Encoding here:

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Have you tried enclosing the password phrases in quotes?

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rather single quotes – greenmang0 Aug 14 '10 at 5:58

Try to surround the entire options expression with quotes, i.e. mount -v -o "...".

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