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Hello I'm developing an iPhone app that downloads some reasonably chunky database files (10M-50M) my current server is hosted in the US, I am based in the UK, my download speeds aren't great, somewhere in the region of 40-50k/second on a connection I've seen run to 300k with other downloads. I am wondering if anyone knows of a way of finding hosting which would have high download speeds worldwide (US, Asia and Europe) or which would be the best compromise? Or any other solutions? Essentially I want to improve the user experience by improving download times.

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take a look at CDN solutions. few examples:

and many others

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Rackspace is also my recommendation – DrDol Aug 14 '10 at 22:39

Where is your server exactly located? If you're planning on staying in the US, NYC will be your best bet.

ReliableSite has excellent connectivity to the UK.

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