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As per my knowledge of checkpoint VPN-1. My company is using checkpoint VPN-1 R 60 ( I guess as I dont know how to check server version) Firewall(VPN Server). Now the problem is that I installed Windows 7 64 bit. But, after my research I found that there are not even one client (SecuRemote/SecuClient) for Win7 64 bit, when Firewall or server is R60. I thought of some open source solutions. Can you guys please suggest me some with the configuration required.

As of now, I know the IP of the server. I know my username and password using which I connect and that is not my domain password. that i can confirm to you guys.

I am not a network guy. I am more of a developer. But, I need some help in this.So, let me know if I can provide you more details.

Please please i need urgent help on this.

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Is there any chance your company can patch up to R70, so you can use the win7 client? I think it's fairly safe at this point to say that Win7 will be around for a while. (if they're currently paying for support, the download should be free and "relatively" painless - I was never fond of letting my firewall OS fall very far behind the current version, kind of defeats the purpose)

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I am sorry but,I am not the sysadmin of my comp. I am trying to install windows 7 on one of the company laptop. So, there is no way that I can push them to upgrade to R70. So, there is no way to use VPN with windows 7 64 bit and R60 – Mohit Aug 17 '10 at 4:40
Ouch, best of luck! I'm not certain this is possible. Though I've seen lower-version clients connect to higher server versions before. It might be worth a shot to install the R70 and see if it connects. Perhaps your IT hasn't rolled out the new client versions yet. – Kara Marfia Aug 17 '10 at 13:11

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