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I own 2 DIR-320 WiFi routers from DLINK. I also own 3-floor house. I installed single router on 3rd floor and found that signal strength on 1st floor is poor. I'd like to install 2nd DIR-320 on 1st floor and join them with Ethernet cable. Is that possible to setup them to work in repeater mode (so both are sharing same WiFi network and I just don't have to switch between networks)?

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I don't think that repeater is the mode you want.

The trivial solution is to use the same SSID (Be sure that you use different channels, otherwise you may have connection problems depending on the signal strength of the other AP)

Do you want encryption to your network

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Encryption - well, I think so? Is encryption the problem for same ESSID on different channels? – archer Aug 16 '10 at 13:10
For two AP not really. Could can do it manually. If you had more APs then it would be a little more complex. Just make sure that you 'll have the same password in both APs – Nikolaidis Fotis Aug 16 '10 at 13:18

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