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I have a VPS that's hosting half a dozen PHP-based sites. All is OK on php5.2.10 but I want to upgrade to 5.3.3.

I have tested the functionality of the sites on my local dev machine running 5.3.1 and all is well.

Having never done a PHP upgrade, and not wanting to disrupt the service of the live sites, are there any precautions you can give me that I should be considereing before I do this?


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Testing on another computer is a good way to start, but to have the best result try to test with 5.3.3 and on a computer that look like as much as possible the server configuration. A virtual machine is a good way to duplicate server setup and test an upgrade.
You also want to read to understand change between 5.2 and 5.3 so that you will see if you can have any potential issue.

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