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Can an exchange server (2003) handle an ip address change? Without breaking the exchange install?

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Which IP address are you talking about? The NIC on the server itself? The internet IP? – DanBig Aug 16 '10 at 13:40
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The answer is, "Yes, this is possible." The reality is that if you didn't set up that mail server, and/or if anyone else has been in a position to change its configuration, it's likely that there are settings buried in that server which will cause glitches in this process.

E.g. I managed an Exchange 2003 server with DNS hard-set in Exchange, even though the server (at the time) was using the same DNS settings via NIC config. Took a while to ferret out the redundant setting throwing a monkey wrench into our network DNS change effort.

The moral of my ramble is that Exchange has a WIDE variety of opportunities to make a simple task explode into an overnight fiasco. I would test your change in a virtual or sandbox setting ahead of time if it's even remotely possible.

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