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Can any one suggest me how to start working in SFTP?(Any books/web sites)

I have to create a batch program to pull a file from a url using SFTP in windows.

I have no idea about SFTP.

A batch program which pulls the file from a url using FTP is already existing.

PLease find below for the commands used in the above existing batch program.

set PgpID=gecorpcard
set FtpUser=xxxxxxx
set FtpPswd=xxxxxxx
set FtpMethod=binary
set FtpGetUser=xxxxxxx
set FtpGetUserPswd=xxxxxxx
set PgpKeyID=0x29A6A1F6 

Here the server name is psftppgp201.It means the file has to be uploaded into the server from the third party url.

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are you sure you need SFTP? or just a secure ftp client, sftp is a wrapper for SSH filer transfers – Jimsmithkka Aug 17 '10 at 10:14

Look at the Putty package, i am pretty sure there is a CLI sftp included in it that can be scripted.

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It's the PSFTP package – mfinni Aug 17 '10 at 10:27
thanks, i knew there was one – Jimsmithkka Aug 17 '10 at 10:31

Another SFTP and FTP client is WinSCP.

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I use cygwin for that. Includes a command line SSH / SFTP, etc.

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You are asking for SFTP advice, but rest of your question is about FTP. SFTP and FTP are completely different protocols.


  • FTP is old, plain file transfer protocol. Passwords are sent unencrypted
  • FTPS (or FTP/SSL) is same FTP protocol run over TLS/SSL encrypted communication channel
  • SFTP stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol - a completely different beast. You can run SSH Shell or SCP over the same connection.

For details see

FTP, FTP/SSL and SFTP clients for windows: I would try either Filezilla or WinScp. Both are multiplatform and work fine on Windows.

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Another option to consider is FTP Script... similarly to batch scripts (and psftp for example) it allows the execution of scripts to transfer files to/from FTP(S) and SFTP servers, but instead of dealing with DOS-style batch commands, it supports 4 modern object-oriented programming languages.

More information here:

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