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I've spend 2 weeks searching best datacenter to get fastest conection beetwen Switzerland (<50ms). Is anyone know about some good DC?

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this is a very, very, vauge question. For starters, speed ? latency ? reliability ? price ? customer service ? peerage ? redundancy ? etc etc. what do you care about ? what are you willing to sacrifice ? Are you colocating or buying servers from a hoster ? – Sirex Aug 17 '10 at 11:39

Fast connections are all about the networking provider. Being in a datacenter with access to many top-grade ISPs is what you'll want. The largest carrier-neurtral data center folks in Switzerland that come to mind are:

There are plenty of ISPs in each of those vendor's data centers who can sort you out. Level 3, Swisscom, etc.

But it sounds like you want an all-in-one package. If you want a vendor to also provide the top-grade networking along with housing, then consider:

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You might also want to give Colt a go ( Many datacentres Europe-wide (including London and Zurich), excellent network and very strong Managed Services division.

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