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If I create and configure a Windows 2003 Server image using VMWare Fusion on a Mac, can I zip that up and copy it to a Windows system running VMWare Workstation and load it there? Are there any issue with doing so? Is there a minimum set of files I need (e.g. can I just copy the .vmdk and .vmx files?)

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I did this the other way round, and it worked without problems, but with XP and Linux guests.

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I've gone that direction as well; assumed the reverse would be true. I just gave it a quick try before fully configuring the guest and it all seems to work fine. All I needed to copy were the .vmdk and .vmx files. Thanks! – Eric Aug 17 '10 at 15:57

yes, you can do it. Image of VMware Workstation and VMWare Fusion are compatible.

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