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I have a snow leopard server configured for vpn access with l2tp over ipsec and it has been working fine for a number of months and now it has stopped working and I can't seem to find what is wrong.

I get this error on the client side

the ppp server could not be authenticated

The logs on the server look like this

<password hash>, name = "alex"]
Tue Aug 17 15:38:17 2010 : sent [CHAP Success id=0x56 "S=hash M=Access granted"]
Tue Aug 17 15:38:17 2010 : rcvd [CHAP Response id=0x56 

Thanks, Alex

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adding noauth to the pppd options file should fix it. – topdog Aug 18 '10 at 13:46
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I have the same issue. Server works for a month or so, then all of a sudden get a message "VPN Connection the PPP Server could not be authenticated". I can see the connection being opened on the server log, but the it's disconnected. Did did a time machine restore yesterday and everything went back to normal... now today we have the same issue. Very annoying, any ideas?

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Not yet, will let you know if I get a solution – Alex Aug 18 '10 at 22:07
was on the phone w/ apple tech for a few hours. he looked at the setup, apparently the dns was not setup properly and the ldap coudln't communicate properly w/ the server. So we did a clean install and he walked through the whole thing to make sure everything was proper.. more than i wished to do, but it works now. let me know if you found a solution and a reason for this problem. thanks - eric – Eric Aug 18 '10 at 22:16

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