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Hotmail changed their interface, and now I can't right click on the message (in list view) and view headers. Also I can't see the page source, besides the clutter within the regular HTML markup.

Can anyone tell me:

  • How to get the message headers
  • How to view the message source
  • Where I need to complain if neither of the options above have an "ideal" solution
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Message headers are located in a small sub menu (a small downwards arrow) besides the word "Reply".

You can find the message source from the headers.

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I must agree with GoneSouth after much complaining to a number of internet security companies M$ seemed to have been bullied into action, the put back the right click option but still failed to fix the code instead of text problem more emails to anyone I could find resulted in it being fixed. Sadly my joy was short lived as the fix lasted about a week and we're back to the usual crap.don't even bother trying to contact support (there ain't any) just a forum where users help each other(Sounds a bit like David Camerons Big idea) costs nothing and nowhere to complain.

The only answer appears to be to go totally windows live which I'm not prepared to do Hence Google mail has got a new member and I've got a Galaxy S to go with it it syncs like a dream.


Best of luck Guys

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