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Help! I have a Windows Server 2003 partition that was running yesterday with no problems. It has the message queueing component installed, and I had four private message queues in it.

I did some work with attaching and detaching SQL Server 2005 databases yesterday and restarted the server today.

Now, under Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Services and Applications, Message Queuing no longer shows up.

Additionally, if I try to stop or restart the Message Queuing service, I get the error "The service did not respond in a timely fashion", and then it's stuck on "Stopping" indefinitely.

The applications that rely on the message queues are broken, saying that they can't write to the queues.

Any ideas?

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Uninstalling and re-installing Message Queuing in Add/Remove programs -> Add/Remove Windows Components seems to have done the trick.

Now I have to recreate the message queues though.

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