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I have a windows 2k8 machine that generated almost 40,000 WinEventLog:System events in the period of about 20 minutes. The breakdown of these events by eventcode was approximately:

4373    46%
4371    46%
4383     7%
4372     1%

Microsoft-Windows-Servicing seemed to go crazy for a short time.... looking at updates, changing the state of updates etc. What could have caused this?

Many of the events seem to come in pairs of:

Windows Servicing started a process of changing package KBfoobar state from Installed(Installed) to Installed(Installed)


Windows Servicing successfully set package KBfoobar state to Installed(Intstalled)

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In one of my Windows 2008 SP2 servers, if I try to install/uninstall a feature (the add features wizard kicks in), it generates those event flood.

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All of those event ID's are classified as normal conditions with no further action required. If you are getting them non-stop throughout the day then you have a deeper issue, if this server has just been installed or is going through a series of service updates it's to be expected.

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