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i have a windows server 2003 and also a .com domain . how can i match the domain with server ? for ex : my address of windows server : 73.82.x.x and domain how can i when execute open the main page of my server (73.82.x.x) Thanks In Advance .

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we have about 500 book about DNS !!!! – Jessica Aug 19 '10 at 1:40
How many of them have you read so far? – joeqwerty Aug 19 '10 at 1:58


  1. This a stand-alone server, not a member of a domain
  2. This server is using a public IP address, and isn't behind a firewall that's using Network Address Translation
  3. By "execute", I assume you mean navigate to a URL inside a web browser
  4. Because it's a URL you're trying to access, i'll assume that the "main page of my server" means the home page of a website you'd like to host off that server

The easiest way to do this would be to add the "DNS Server" role to the operating system, create a Forward Lookup Zone the corresponds to the domain name in question, then add a HOST record in that zone whose name is the same as the root for the zone (, and points to your IP address (73.82.x.x). Then add a CNAME "www" that points to the HOST record you just created (in case people put a www in front of the main URL).

Then add the IIS role to the server. Create a website (using the wizard), point it to content that's been copied to the inetpub folder in the C: drive. Assign the main IP of the server to the website, and add 2 host header file entries as identities for the site: (1) (2)

Hope that helps...

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