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I have iDRAC 6 Express but I can't seem find any documentations outlining how to setup Email Alert to send through an secure SMTP server (ie Gmail's SMTP server).

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After looking through the documentation and suchlike, it appears that iDRAC6 does not support SMTP-auth at all.

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Even the full iDRAC 6 (ie., not Express) doesn't have the option for authenticating an SMTP server. – Paul Kroon Aug 19 '10 at 18:06
Blah, that's unfortunate. Does anyone know if OpenManager support authenticated SMTP? (Though I'm hesitated to install it due to performance problem...) – BlueFox Aug 19 '10 at 20:38
It's 2012 and seemingly there's still no auth options. I'd not call that unfortunate I'd call it an epic fail :) – Stephen Kennedy Apr 11 '12 at 15:17

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