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I am new to the Web services scene. I currently have access to a RHEL5 box and i need to deploy a java web service on it. It runs apache and i know this because i have a website hosted on this machine.

Now, i want to deploy a web service on to this website to be able to just pass a link to someone when they need to access my web service.

Could someone point out a resource or explain what all i need to get the webservice deployed using Tomcat/Apache Axis and Java. I have done this on Windows (hosted on localhost) but couldn't quite figure out things on linux.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Deepak.

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  1. l00k at that:

  2. deploy axis2.war to your tomcat

  3. install your .aar file to the axis2 servlet

  4. buy me a beer ;-)

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#4 is by far the best response ever.. – The NinjaSysadmin May 20 '11 at 8:16

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