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One of our customer having HP Proliant ML370 G5 server with Windows 2003 SBS.That having 2*72GB(Single Port10K Serial SCSI) and 3*146GB(Dual port10K SAS) harddisks.Now that is going to full.I want to extend the current RAID with two additional HDD(Either 146 SAS or 300GB SAS).Is this possible or not?How I can rebuild the current RAID 5 without lossing any Data.Can you please tell me the steps for that???

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First, Backup.

Second, Verify Backup, then backup again.

I'm assuming that your current config is that the 2x72GB are a RAID1 array, and the 3x146GB disks are the RAID5 array, and that any new disks will be added to one of the empty drive bays.

I believe that this is answered here: (the HP software and hardware is

I think it may be possible doing it online using the HP Array Configuration Utility from within Windows (You do have the HP PSP installed, right?), I believe that you can add disks to a RAID5 array and set it to add the disk to the array.

Ensure that the server is on backup power and that there's no possiblity of Updates or a reboot happening; That would really break your filesystem in the middle of a rebuild.

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