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I am curious on if it is possible to have an implement of RAIDZ and/or RAIDZ2 in the MD driver in the Linux kernel?

From my understanding of it is that the RAIDZ version is equivalent to a RAID 5, and that a RAIDZ2 is equivalent to a RAID 6.

The main difference is that the stripe size can be variable for RAIDZ as opposite to RAID 5/6 from my understanding, which helps performance.

So what I am wondering is would it be possible to add this performance enhancing technique to RAID 5 & 6 in the MD driver in the kernel? Or is it tied too closely to how the ZFS works?

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Have you read Jeff Bonwick's blog on RAID-Z?

In it he focuses on how RAID-Z is a solution to the RAID-5 write hole problem and explicitly mention that reconstructing a RAID-Z array is closely tied to ZFS and its meta data.

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Doh! I had a feeling that i was missing something when i made the question, thanks! – Pharaun Aug 22 '10 at 22:40

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