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Hi All I am Writing a Batch Script Which has to read a set of SQL Files which exists in a Folder then Execute Them Using SQLCMD utiliy.

When I am Trying to execute it does not create any output file. I am not sure where I am wrong and I am not sure how to debug the script. Can someone help me out with script?

@echo off

FOR %F IN (C:\SQLCMD\*.SQL) DO sqlcmd -S LENOVO-C00 -U yam -P yam!@ -i %F -o C:\SEL.txt -p -b

IF NOT [%ERRORLEVEL%] ==[0] goto get_Error

echo Finished Succesffuly
exit /B 0
goto end

echo step Failed
exit /B 40

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You need two percent signs in your batch file:


sqlcmd -S LENOVO-C00 -U yam -P yam!@ -i %%F -o C:\SEL.txt -p -b


You could also put the "IF NOT" statement just after the sqlcmd, if you wanted to check for an error after each sql command.

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Try this line:

FOR %%F IN (C:\SQLCMD\*.SQL) DO sqlcmd -S LENOVO-C00 -U yam -P yam!@ -i %%F -o C:\SEL.txt -p -b

or even better, start debugging with

FOR %%F IN (C:\SQLCMD\*.SQL) DO echo %%F 

to see if this loop works, or if there is a problem with the sqlcmd.

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