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I have several apache processes running on a system, which seem to be stuck in infinite loops.

Is there some way I can inspect the apache process to find what the HTTP request was that they are attempting to respond to?

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Do you have their IP address or anything that you can trac them by means of a log file or lsof output?

You run the following while you had the user try to connect again:

while true;do lsof -i :8080;sleep 2; done;

Once you have that listening, you should see something like:

httpd 2763 http 12u IPv6 1064421 0t0 TCP localservername:http-alt-> (ESTABLISHED)

Note: Right now on this test box I am running HTTP on port 8080. 2763 is the PID. If you are having alot of traffic, then you might have to filter out the IP address.

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