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This is what I want to do :
I want to learn about hadoop and run some hands on distributed computing by some programming
I have a windows box with window 7 professional installed in it, I also have a VMware Workstation 7 with Ubuntu 10.04.1 installed on it

I want to know if following is possible and how: - install multiple ubuntu vitrual machines on same workstation( this could be easily done ) - installed hadoop on these multiple installed virtual machines and treat the architecture as multiple nodes?

Please let me know how to do this(is possible) and test it

Thank you very much


I followed this blog and get it done :)

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Of course it's possible. How you'd test it is completely dependent on how you are planning on using Hadoop. Regardless of how you're using it, keep in mind that performance in your testing environment is going to be much poorer than when the Hadoop nodes are running on their own hardware.

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Hi Eric, but how do I do it??? – learner Aug 24 '10 at 20:02
I'll give a nutshell version. For more details, consult the documentation for Ubuntu/hadoop/vmware workstation/etc. 1. Install a Ubuntu VM. 2. Install Hadoop on that VM. 3. Clone that VM X times. – EEAA Aug 24 '10 at 20:10

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