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I'm looking for the Wireshark of Serial Port monitoring. I'd prefer free/open-source software, but am willing to look at commercial solutions if the price is reasonable.

It needs to be compatible with Windows Vista/7 and will be used to monitor all data traffic between two com ports on the same computer.

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I have used the Free Serial Port Monitor, by HHD Software, to monitor communications with an old magnetic card reader.

They also have a paid version if you prefer.

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You could check if Portmon still works. I'm legacy-free here, so I can't test it myself ;).

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It's a nice tool but not quite what I'm looking for. –  TimothyP Jun 2 '09 at 2:56

It appears that the everpresent Mark Russinovich has crafted such a tool, called Portmon.

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I have Wireshark at http://www.software-dungeon.co.uk/software.php?id=106898

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