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I was wondering if besides the standard username/password ODBC authentication, other options exist to authenticate an ODBC connection using an alternate method like PKI similar to SSH.

Seems like a username / password not as secure if all I want is a server to server connection with no "real" user. It would seem more secure to have the DB server only accept connections from the app server.

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What database server are you using? Several DBMS support authentication via certificate. –  Zoredache Aug 25 '10 at 17:30
MS SQL, Oracle, etc. I am not the DBA, just a curious user. Is there info out there on DBs that support certificate auth? –  noel_g Aug 25 '10 at 17:32
I suspect you will need to consult the vendor documentation for your favorite DBMS. –  Zoredache Aug 25 '10 at 19:04
seems like the key to this is X509. if the DB supports taht then you can do the cert based auth. Thanks –  noel_g Aug 26 '10 at 0:02

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